Asthma Can’t Control You

          From presidents, like John F. Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt, to Olympians, like Amy Van Dyken. All these people have asthma, but that didn’t stop them from conquering the world. Amy Van Dyken’s asthma was so bad that she couldn’t even climb a flight of stairs when she was younger, but look at her now. When she started swimming, when a doctor said the rhythmic breathing would help with her asthma, she couldn’t even swim 100 meters. Now, she has won four gold medals at the Athens Olympics and collected two more in Sydney four years later. See, she didn’t let her asthma affect who she is and her life. Besides swimming, there are many other activities that help with your asthma. These activities include yoga, biking, sports, running, and even just walking. Those are a few activities, but there are so much more. To help with your asthma, start doing some of these activities to benefit your asthma. Just remember, you can’t let your asthma affect you, your life, or what great things you are capable of doing.


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