First blog post

You might be wondering why we chose exercising, asthma, and clean eating as a topic. That’s because all three relate to each other. Have you ever heard of the term obesity? Well if you haven’t, obesity is a condition of being very overweight. Being very overweight can tamper with your asthma, making it more severe. To avoid that, you could exercise and eat well balanced meals on a regular basis. This can help you with your health and your body. When exercising, it can affect your asthma by making it harder to breath. There is this term called exercise-induced asthma which is when you have shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and other symptoms during or after exercising. That is why most people with exercise-induced asthma use an inhaler around 15 min. before exercising, and sometimes during exercising. So eating clean helps you control your weight, which could actually help with your asthma during exercising. So in order to help you, we will be posting amazing recipes that are delicious and nutritious. We will also post different exercises that are fun and good for your body if you have asthma. They key is to take care of your body in a fun and easy way.


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